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Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
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Software maintenance contracts

More than anything else the introduction of new software is ….. a project! For this reason the first priority of consulting is a number of precautionary steps, with which the most common mistakes and traps can be avoided from the very beginning. In this phase the basic method of proceeding and the order of the steps taken in the plan and the quality of communication are of high significance. Although legal paragraphs, themselves, are not decisive for the success of the project, every decision has legal consequences that need to be recognized and borne.

Only when project control and contractual structure are closely intertwined do contracts come into being that really meet the respective individual interests and requirements. Concrete aims and requirements, technical conditions and risks and chances of the plan are translated into suitable and appropriate clauses. Such contracts are the screenplay for the whole project story, in which the tasks, roles and risks are clearly distributed. That not only ensures the necessary legal security, but facilitates the daily project work of the contractual partners.

In accordance with this, I support you in introducing new software solutions and IT-systems, for example
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and merchandise management systems
  • Editorial and newsroom systems
  • (Multi-channel)-editorial systems