Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
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Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
German Lawyer / Business Mediator
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Publications by Dr. Andreas Leupold LL.M. (UT)


  • New Book: 3D Printing: Law, Business & Technology of Industrial 3D Printing
    Experts from the industry, from the law, research and technology have participated in this manual published by Dr. Andreas Leupold and Silke Glossner, in order to provide the readers with a practical and well-founded overview of industrial 3D printing.
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  • Publisher and co-author of the Munich Attorney's Manual IT-Law, 2nd Edition C.H. Beck 2011
    (3rd completely revised and enhanced edition issued)

  • Co-publisher of the magazine “Medien & Recht” (Media and Law)
  • The new European Sales Law: Opportunity for medium-sized businesses, editorial in Multimedia & Recht
    (Multimedia & Law, MMR) issue 11/2011

  • Sport gambling on the Internet: nothing changes? Comments on the decisions of European Supreme Court of September 8, 2010 and application of the Internet interdiction in § 4 para. 4 New State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV) by the state lottery companies, wrp 2011, pages 324-335

  • Advertising for state-organized gambling violates the State Treaty on Gambling and European Union Law,
    in: Grur-Prax 2011, pages 162 ff.

  • Comments on Federal German Supreme Court decision of 11.03.2010 - I ZR 123/08
    “Espresso machine”, in: Multimedia & Recht 2010, pages 747-749

  • 2010 – sam(e) but different, Editorial in Multimedia & Recht (MMR) issue 1/2010

  • The sports bets decisions of the Federal German Supreme Court of 14.02.2008: Not only getting rid of old relics,
    wrp 2008, pages 920 ff.

  • The sports bets monopoly of the countries under the looking-glass, Medien & Recht 2005
  • „Sniper“-Software – legitimate offering instrument or sensitive intrusion into the system of online auctioning?,
    in: Neue Juristische Internetpraxis, issue 2/2004

  • Publisher and Co-author of the Practice Book Online Trade, C.H. Beck Munich 2003

  • Liability for contents of electronic databases in: Der Syndikus, March/April 2003

  • Responsibility of the Service Provider for third party information only with full knowledge of legally infringing statements, in: Telekommunikations- & MedienRecht, issue 01/2003

  • Co-publisher of The Law of Electronic Databases (with Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiebe), C.F. Müller, Munich/Hannover/Vienna 2003

  • Co-author of From advertising to commercial communication: the marketing of goods and services on the Internet,
    wrp, June 2000

  • Co-author of Promotional competitions and gambling on the Internet (together with Dr. Peter Bachmann),
    wrp, September 2000