Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
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Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
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Information Technology Law

Ecommerce and Internet law, Outsourcing contracts, Cloud Computing contracts, IT-Compliance, Data protection and information security, Legal support for IT projects, End user license agreements (EULA), Software maintenance contracts, Software sales contracts, OEM-Software, Source code submission/ Software Escrow contracts, Social Media and Law, Protection of domain names.

Television pictures

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Media & Entertainment Law

Exposé, treatment and screenplay contracts, Film and television production contracts, Filming and screen adaptation contracts, Synchronization contracts, Actors contracts, Cinema and theatrical distribution contracts, DVD secondary exploitation rights, Internet streaming agreements, World distribution agreements, Merchandising license agreements, Music rights contracts, Publishing agreements.


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Gaming Law

Protection of computer and console games, Online-Gaming Law, Gaming law, Gambling law, Sports betting law.


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Contract law and Licensing

Contract Law, Licensing Law.


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Trademarks & Copyright law

Trademark protection - national and international, Trademark defense, Enforcement of copyright, Licensing of copyright-protected works.


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Mediation & Litigation

Mediation, Litigation.