Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
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Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
German Lawyer / Business Mediator
Handelsblatt Auszeichnung 2017
3D Printing Law Firm of the Year in Germany
Best Lawyers® International 2018
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3D Printing Sector - Law Firm of the Year in Germany

Media & Entertainment Law

Dr. Andreas Leupold LL.M. was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers® in Germany” 2013 in the fields of „Information Technology“ and „ Media“ (Copyright 2012 by Woodward/White, Inc., of Aiken, SC).

Among the clients represented by Dr. Andreas Leupold are worldwide leading film studios, media groups and companies from the entertainment industry. For 20 years, Dr. Andreas Leupold has been offering legal advice for film studios, film and television production companies, television broadcasting companies, film sales operations, magazine, newspaper and book publishers, film distribution companies, merchandising businesses, music production companies, music labels and recording companies, computer animation studios, cartoon and animation studios, synchronization studios, video streaming providers, music streaming services, actors agencies, DVD and blu-ray sales and distribution companies, online and virtual video libraries, e-book distributors, online music services, radio stations, television broadcasting companies and Internet content providers. Dr. Andreas Leupold has not only drafted contracts for large Hollywood studios but he has also been engaged in legal services for German authors and producers. For example, he advised the creator of diverse comic figures that have achieved a high name recognition beyond the borders of Germany and supported the author of the figures that are well-known also in other countries, with the exploitation of rights.

So that the high investments made by media companies and the work of creative people can bring the desired return on investment (ROI) under the continually changing technical and economic prevailing conditions, a solution-oriented and easily implementable consulting approach is required. In media & entertainment law, film law, publishing law, music and photo law Dr. Andreas Leupold’s practical knowledge in IT law is of particular benefit due to the replacement of analog technology by digital content and transfer paths.

Legally reliable contracts that meet the interests of both parties are the fundamental requirement for the successful production and distribution. Dr. Andreas Leupold has at his disposal the relevant knowledge of the industry to draft all kinds of contracts that are ready to be signed, in particular world distribution contracts, film and television production and distribution contracts, contracts with respect to service productions, filming contracts, synchronization and voice-over contracts, video first and second viewing agreements, merchandising license contracts, computer-generated imaging-contracts, contracts for stop motion and go motion films, screenplay contracts, artist and actors contracts, as well as contracts for music rights. In addition, he supports his clients in the exploitation of music and language works, in the area of title protection, digital rights management, in the legal securing of new purchasing models and the licensing of copyright-protected works.

With his practical experience in IT-law, Media & Entertainment law, as well as Gaming and Gambling law Dr. Andreas Leupold offers legal advice directed to the special requirements of multi- and tri-media environments, which is based on an understanding of business contexts and interrelations, from which his clients in all sales channels can profit.

Practice Areas
  • Exposé, treatment and screenplay contracts
  • Film and television production contracts
  • Filming and screen adaptation contracts
  • Synchronization contracts
  • Actors contracts
  • Cinema and theatrical distribution contracts
  • DVD secondary exploitation rights
  • Internet streaming agreements
  • World distribution agreements
  • Merchandising license agreements
  • Music rights contracts
  • Publishing agreements