Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)

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Dr. Andreas Leupold LL. M. (UT)
German Lawyer / Business Mediator
Handelsblatt Auszeichnung 2017
3D Printing Law Firm of the Year in Germany
Best Lawyers® International
Corporate LiveWire

Dr. Andreas Leupold is well-known in business and specialist circles as a leading legal consultant in the areas of IT, Media and Entertainment as well as 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM).

His consulting consistently follows the economic targets and plans of the companies he advises. In addition to decades of legal experience and expert knowledge in the area of information technologies, his skills are enhanced by his tried and tested knowledge in project and risk management. On the basis of this he draws up project- and interest-oriented contracts, which provide his clients with legal, plan and cost security.

Court of Justice of the European Union: Judgment in Case T-501/13 - Karl-May-Verlag GmbH v OHIM Weiter
Court of Justice of the European Union: Judgment in Case C - 179/15 - Daimler AG / Együd Garage Gépjármüjavító és Ertékesítö Kft. Weiter
Court of Justice of the European Union: Order of the Court of 17 February 2016 in Case C-396/15 P / Shoe Branding Europe BVBA v adidas AG Weiter
3D Druck - Additive Fertigung und Rapid Manufacturing

My new book: Leupold/Glossner Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Manufacturing, Legal Framework and business challenges ( „3D Druck – Additive Fertigung und Rapid Manufacturing
Rechtlicher Rahmen und unternehmerische Herausforderung”) - presently only available in the German language)

With many illustrations and practice examples from various industries like the automotive, aerospace, clothing and textile and medical industries this compact guide offers CEOs, Division Directors and Area Managers in companies an overview of the technical basics and legal challenges of industrial 3D printing that is understandable without previous knowledge. At the same time, it presents the chances for business and business models that are possible using additive manufacturing. 

Munich Attorney's Manual IT-Law

Publisher and co-author of the Munich Attorney's Manual IT-Law,  C.H. Beck (3rd edition)
Leupold/Glossner (presently available only in the German language)

From practical experience the authors know that an understable and easily readable manual  is needed for IT law: lawyers, who want to keep pace with the speedy developments, need easily comprehendible and quick information.